Politici in Nederland en de Europese Unie nemen te vaak beslissingen die belangen van ontwikkelingslanden schaden. Dat moet veranderen. Fair Politics wil dat landen niet worden belemmerd, maar de ruimte krijgen om zich te ontwikkelen.

A choice between patents and patients



The EU can take several steps to make its IP policies more in line with the development policy:

  • The EU should not demand any TRIPS plus commitments or introduce stringent border rules, especially where public health can be negatively affected;
  • Developing countries should be supported in their use of TRIPS flexibilities, besides other, more effective ways to stimulate innovation and promote transfer of technology should be explored and promoted;
  • There should be reference made to the Doha Declaration relating to all IP provisions in the text, truly ensuring policy space for using compulsory licensing;
  • FTA’s should emphasize that IP enforcement measures should not divert resources away from other priority areas, such as health protection.